LineLazer V 130HS/200HS – Standard/HP Automatic/HP Reflective

LineLazer V 130HS/200HS – Standard/HP Automatic/HP Reflective

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The LineLazer 130hs is the ultimate hydraulic airless striping unit that contractors rely on for challenging striping jobs. Professional striping contractors wanting hydraulic performance and proven power cannot go wrong with the LineLazer 130hs. As the preferred hydraulic striper for everyday jobs, it consistently delivers solid performance day in and day out.  The LineLazer V 200hs is the high performance hydraulic striper you’ll want for your most demanding jobs. It’s proven history of innovative features has made it the striper of choice for contractors demanding a true workhorse. The LineLazer V 200hs is the perfect unit for large parking lot jobs, airports, and city jobs that not only require precise line but also demand reflective beads. With high production features such as automatic and semi-automatic paint guns along with the EZ Bead Pressurized Bead System, this unit has no equal.

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