The investment you make in maintaining and beautifying your pavement deserves the longest lasting pavement sealer available. The Brewer Company uses a sophisticated manufacturing process for all pavement sealer production. The heart of this process is a colloid mill that is unique to our industry. Many pavement sealers are produced in batches using mixing equipment that stirs the ingredients together under low shear. The large, irregular particle size of materials produced in this way forms a less dense and well reinforced film when applied.

Colloid mills force a continuous stream of exactly proportioned raw materials, under pressure, through close tolerance grooved surfaces rotating at incredibly high speeds. Sealer produced in this way has evenly divided, fine particle size – typically 3 to 10 microns. It is completely homogenous and once applied forms a dense, evenly reinforced film. Compared to material with large, irregular particle size, it adheres better, looks better and wears better.

Choosing the right pavement sealer starts with knowing you are getting the best value – the longest lasting sealer available. We can also help in choosing the best type and give you solid advice on establishing a sound pavement maintenance program. Feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to provide recommendations and can help direct you to additional resources and the best pavement maintenance contractors in the business.