The Brewer Company has no peer in the development and production of pavement sealer. All of our pavement sealers are produced with a colloid mill that is unique to our industry. Years of refinement to processing equipment and controls allow us to achieve product quality and consistency unmatched by any other. Whether it is produced from refined tar, petroleum resin or asphalt, you can count on the Brewer Cote® family of pavement sealers being the highest quality formulas of their kind, meticulously produced to give you trouble free performance and the best durability in the industry. 

Whatever your job specifications require – refined tar, petroleum resin or asphalt, the Brewer Cote® family of pavement sealers will make you look good!  Crews notice absolute consistency with every load and smooth, trouble-free application while customers notice and appreciate the beautiful, long lasting results.  

Poly Cote

Originally developed for high speed, high volume traffic on interstate highway service areas, PolyCote is a refined tar emulsion modified with a proprietary polymer blend. PolyCote’s unique formula provides exceptional durability under virtually any condition.

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Eclipse® is a petroleum resin pavement sealer. Brewer pioneered development and production of petroleum resin pavement sealers more than a decade ago. Eclipse® is a high performance alternative to asphalt emulsion or refined tar sealers.

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Eclipse® Plus

Eclipse® Plus is the highest performing alternative to refined tar or asphalt emulsion pavement sealers available.  Supplied ready to use, Eclipse® Plus is polymer modified and exhibits exceptional adhesion, resistance to gasoline and oil penetration and wear resistance.

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Spec Cote

Refined tar emulsion produced identically to Brewer Cote® but with the same solids content as our competitors’ premium sealers. Meets all requirements of ASTM D5727.

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Ready Cote

Brewer Cote® factory diluted for application. Contractor’s choice for drop tanker work. Dilution is exact and done under high shear. Requires no agitation prior to use and minimal agitation to maintain suspension.

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Guard Cote

Guard Cote is a concentrated asphalt emulsion pavement sealer. Unlike conventional asphalt emulsion sealers, Guard Cote is produced by emulsifying a performance engineered asphalt - it is NOT just a blend of road emulsion and fillers. Guard Cote is polymer reinforced for improved adhesion and durability. Production with a colloid mill assures the highest standard for product quality and consistency.

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Guard Cote PLUS

A highly polymerized, ready to use asphalt emulsion pavement sealer. Guard Cote PLUS exhibits exceptional adhesion, flexibility and wear resistance compared to any other asphalt based pavement sealer.

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