The Brewer Company is 100% employee owned.  Our team is deep, experienced and dedicated to helping you get the job done.  Many of our employees have been here for more than 20 years.  Our management team has experience in all phases of the industry – pavement construction, maintenance, product development and manufacturing – averaging over 30 years each.  Our field representatives have real world experience with your business.  No matter the question, you can count on getting answers that help.

We adhere to the same philosophy as successful contractors.  Buy equipment that enables the highest level of quality and productivity.  Maintain that equipment and deliver what your customers need every time.  Our manufacturing equipment is state of the art and thoroughly maintained.  Or delivery fleet is the Midwest’s largest and we add to it annually with new equipment – never used.  When you need it – we will get it there.  Need a drop tanker for a large job?  We’ve got you covered.

Each tanker has cargo space for additional items.  If you need additives, crackfiller, paint or any other supplies we can deliver it with your load of sealer.